How We Do Business

  • How We Do Business

    Muchonaza’s approach to business is based on an understanding that today’s industry leaders demand safer, more intelligent and resourceful answers to solving their challenges, and that strong customer relationships are built on confidence and trust. Our core brand values are:

    Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

    Our professional reputation is built on delivering integrated products and services across multiple markets and sectors at industry-leading standards. Central to growing and exceeding this ethic, is our Integrated Management System. Developed to communicate our Health; Safety; Environment; and Quality objectives, and apply consistent standards across our Nigerian network.


    Muchonaza has developed its environmental policy to ensure environmental issues and risks are central to our strategic planning process. Muchonaza fosters a strong environmental ethic amongst its workforce and looks to highlight valuable, sustainable initiatives within the industry.

    As a company, we strive to minimise any harmful effects on the environment, meet legal environmental requirements, and achieve continual improvement of our environmental performance. We believe it is everybody’s responsibility to look after the environment in which we work and to continually improve on procedures to ensure minimal environmental impact.

    Strengths & Capabilities

    • Locally run with operations across Nigeria.
    • Dedicated, energetic and highly experienced team.
    • Personalised service, exceeding customer expectations.
    • Cultivation of strong relationships with our clients and suppliers.
    • Innovative processes and systems with continual evaluation and updates.
    • Synergy in the products and services we offer.

    Goals & Values

    • Excel in our field of expertise.
    • Be a leader in terms of our people, products and reputation.
    • Support the region in which we operate today, tomorrow, and in the future.
    • Share our success within our communities.
    • Be a responsible corporate entity and make direct contributions to the community.
    • Provide value to both shareholders and customers.